Peer Recovery Services

Client Advocacy Team (C.A.T.) at Glenwood Life Counseling Center

The Client Advocacy Team is a group of patients in recovery, who are recommended by staff and voted on by the C.A.T. The C.A.T. members experience leadership, advocacy, and community responsibility by offering peer support, mentorship, and a voice for the other patients at GLCC. Provided with their own meeting room, bi-weekly access to the Executive Director (and/or staff liaison), and representation on the board of directors, the C.A.T. has, for 10 years, acted as an integral part of GLCC’s day to day functioning.

The C.A.T. members:

1) Conduct many of GLCC’s annual surveys

2) Attend grievances and team meetings at the behest of other patients;

3) Collect foods, toys and clothing for holiday baskets for poor neighbors in Woodbourne- McCabe and/or Toys for Tots

4) Plan, organize and raise funds for "patient field trips” and activities meeting

5) Sponsor peer lead groups and speaker series

6) Participate in neighborhood, and GLCC clean-up

7) Sponsor and run the annual "Juneteenth" celebration

8) Organize and run the food pantry, and Recovery Garden,

9) Help organize and staff GLCC’s Recovery Month activities

10) Adhere to the CAT bank account and budget



Most notably the C.A.T was responsible in 2016 for spearheading a coordinated effort with four local churches, AmeriCorps-Vista Volunteers, Rebuilding Together Baltimore, Habitat for Humanity, and several local merchants to plan, develop and realize the “fruits” of a patient run Recovery Garden on an overgrown lot owned by GLCC.

"Nothing about us without us."