Our History

Glenwood Life Counseling Center is a non profit, urban Medication Assisted Treatment program providing therapy, education, medication, case management, and recovery services to approximately 700 clients and their families annually.

We have been in continuous operation since 1971 and are a state of Maryland and CARF-certified ambulatory opioid-agonist treatment program.


In addition to the daily medication that helps to eliminate the cravings and illness often associated with opiate addiction, GLCC provides individual and group counseling, case management and peer recovery services, mental health assessments, referrals and some treatment.

Our goal is to medically stabilize our clients allowing them to more readily engage in the interventions essential to recovery and rehabilitation. We believe that stabilized clients can begin their recovery: they can hold jobs, attend school, reconcile with loved ones, and avoid the crime and violence of the drug culture.